Gecko maintenance


Regular maintenance of your Gecko insect killer or trapper will keep it safe and ensure it works efficiently.


When not in use or before cleaning, always disconnect the appliance from the mains supply.


To ensure your appliance remains effective, it’s important to clean the appliance on a regular basis. A clogged grid affects the appliances ability to generate high voltage and will reduce it’s effectiveness.

Remove dead insects from the appliance on a regular basis, empty the catchment tray and gently brush dead insects from the high voltage grid with the brush supplied.

NEVER use metal objects or stick fingers through the outer case.

An insect trapper should have the basket emptied and cleaned regularly. Ensure no bugs are caught near the trapper’s fan. Regularly clean the outside of the trapper with a damp soft cloth and dry it with a dry towel.

DO NOT immerse in water. DO NOT use harsh solvents to clean the plastic.

Gecko Slimline Insect Killer


Always ensure the outer case is kept clean and unobstructed. Failure to do so may result in overheating.


Always check the appliance is in good working condition. Periodically inspect the power supply cord and plug.

Lamp Replacement

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