How a Gecko Insect Trapper Works

How a Gecko insect trapper works

How a Gecko Insect Trapper Works

Mosquitoes and other pests are attracted to the 365nm UV light, heat given off by the lamp and also Carbon Dioxide (CO²).

The Gecko Insect Trapper works using a process of Photocatalysis where a Titanium Dioxide (TiO²) coating inside the unit combines with UV light to produce Carbon Dioxide (CO²). This process is aided by any carbon matter left behind on the inner surfaces from bugs as they’ve been drawn into the unit by the fan.

Photocatalysis is similar to how iron conducts electricity. As long as there is no harsh scrubbing on the photocatalyst plastic surfaces inside the unit, the effect will last. No need for any replenishment.

This process also results in the production of hydrogen radicals that offers a level of air purification.

The Trapper’s powerful suction fan draws pests down into the catcher basket where they dehydrate and die.

For best results, place the unit away from your entertainment area and away from competing light sources. Hang at a height of approximately 2.5m from the ground.

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