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Your zapper’s grids may be clogged with dead bugs or debris, resulting in a reduced ability to generate high voltage.

Switch off, unplug the unit and clean the metal grid and horizontal bands thoroughly with the supplied brush.

There may be an obstruction preventing the fan blades from turning. Ensure unit is off and unplugged.

Then remove the capture basket and look inside the trapper. Examine the fan blades to ensure there is no obstruction. Then plug in unit and switch on power.

Ensure the Trapper’s switch is set to “on” (not auto). The light and fan should now be working. Please note the light is a black UV lamp and appears dim in daylight.

Using the USB cable supplied, insert cable into Zapper USB port. Then insert other end of cable into a suitable USB power adaptor.

Connect to a suitable power supply. A red or green light should appear on the zapper, adjacent to the USB port. Red means charging, Green means charged.

Test the unit:

  • Move 4-way switch to light. White Lights should come on.
  • Move 4-way switch to Zap. Blue Lights should come on.

Check remote control battery is correctly installed.

This may be due to the lamp screw being dirty or that the lamp needs replacing.

Firstly remove lamp from unit and check if lamp screw is dirty. If dirty, clean with a clean dry cloth. Then reinstall lamp into unit and plug in. The unit should now be functioning.

If the lamp is still not working, remove the lamp from unit. Then check the lamp for dark spots on the glass near the base. If there are dark spots, the lamp needs to be replaced.

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